“Down Coat" 2010
edition of 6 c-print transparent plastic household
garbage58 x 124 cm

Three pieces of clothes on the picture is the artist
respectively in three different places,Collection of life
garbage into three down jacket , From the angle of the
objective understanding of three different parts of the
living conditions and needs. To have as realistic an
experience to recognize the environment around you .
Garbage collection: 1、Chaoyang Park 2 、Central
Academy of Fine Arts 3 、798Art District. Three different
clothes representing their owns information.

图片上的三件衣服分别是作者在三个不同的地方,收集的生活垃圾制作成的三件羽绒服,从客观的角度认识三个不同地方的生活状态和需求索取,以真实的体验来重新认识身边的环境。垃圾的收集分别是1朝阳公园2中央美术学院3 798艺术区,三件衣服各自代表了自己的不同信息。

 “Down Coat" 2010 transparent    plastic, household garbage 
 detail“Down Coat" 2010 transparent    plastic, household garbage