Blooming 2014 wood,cement
In Yunnan,I created”Beads” with craftsmen who had nothing to do with art.Six months later,someone in the factory told me that it would be a pity to burn off the wood residue,and asked if I wanted to make an artifact.I was rather angry when i was informed of that news because it left the impression they considered my work of art rubbish.I tried to control my temper and listened to their explanation:”Your ‘Beads’ was born from life,but as the wood decays it will bring forth mushrooms,which is actually just the continuation of life.”They said very seriously that work like this awaited me in my artistic career,I asked them why they thought that I should make mushrooms,and they told me it was natural to make this conclusion according to my logic.After hanging up the phone,I thought about it for a while:I saw the turning point,the creation of life,as the production of the “Beads”;however,the craftsmen saw the life as coming from its transformation over time.I began to feel that they had a better understanding of the work than me.In this way,”Beads” affected the plants,with mushrooms blooming naturally on my piece.
《盛开》 2014 木头 水泥