detail "Da-Suan" 2011
coal, screws 30 pcs., different sizes,
between 13 x 2423 x 14 cm and 18 x 30x 18 cm

The production of method is actually the name of works, Through human force to combine the two different properties materials together, one of the main natural resources - coal, another is an essential technology development element of human -screw,both with different social properties and physical properties, when the screw is very far-fetched fixed in coals by human, produced a kind of inevitable connection , a relationship of pay and possession ,at the same time also emphasized natural resources are being forced to control and exploitation in the development of human society in the situation .but this kind of control is in the human design, so let it be called "dasuan" .

 "Da-Suan" 2011 coal, screws    13 x 24 x 14 cm-18 x 30 x 18 cm  
 detail "Da-Suan" 2011     
 detail "Da-Suan"