"Pedestal" (No.3-No.9), 2012
wooden plinth, banknote pigment
dimensions variable
(between 80 x 60 x 45 cm and 140 x 70 x 45 cm)

Here I am referring to the pedestal is a general, One is show and distinguish between art and its physical mechanism, the other is a platform to connect an artist and audience . I use money to wipe the pedestal all around, without destroying the money and let money left color mark on the pedestal ,leaving a trace of money. through wiped repeatedly to the pedestal produce the gradient effect. To use works to describe some of the subtle relationship between art and money: With money to support art implement smoothly.Have money ,value of popularization of art view will be invisible swayed by money.Have money temptation, will make some creators will lose the real self,the relationship between the two is obvious and vague, like this one: although you can't see the money,but money still left a mark on it.

 "Pedestal" (CIGE BEIJING ) 2012   80 x 60 x 45 cm - 140 x 70 x 45 cm  
 detail"Pedestal" (No. 5) 2011   wooden plinth, banknote pigment 
 detail"Pedestal" (No. 5)    wooden plinth, banknote pigment