"Fleeting Time" 2008-2009
canvases, washed off oil paint, plastic bags, photos
series of 19 pcs.each 100 x 80 cm (canvas);
each 19 x 12 cm (plastic bag)

About the time series oil painting,in scrub with water way to back to the canvas itself,Through the separation of the canvas and leftover paint . Thus a metaphor the passage of time ,bring out the idea from scratch, from have to nothing .

 "The Construction of the Image"2012   canvas size: 420 x 200 cm 
 "Fleeting Time" 2008-2009   each 100 x 80 cm (canvas)19 pcs. 
 detail "Fleeting Time"   canvas 100 x 80 cm  
 detail "Fleeting Time"   incl:washed off oil painting and